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Towards an HIV Cure: Industry Collaboration Group

The Towards an HIV Cure: Industry Collaboration Group was established in 2014 to bring together private sector partners, academic cure researchers and funding bodies to support collaboration in HIV cure research and development.

The Cure group facilitates and catalyses dialogue, engagement and collaboration between industry stakeholders and academic, civil society and global health institutions to accelerate scientifically promising and ethical HIV research towards remission and an HIV cure. In 2022, the Cure group joined the Corporate Partnership Programme to broaden and strengthen industry engagement in the global HIV response.

The Cure group specifically focuses on:

  • Facilitating collaboration between pharmaceutical industries and smaller biotech and diagnostics firms involved in HIV cure research and development, and enabling their engagement with academia, civil society and global health institutions
  • Supporting the design, implementation, conduct and analysis of new cure modalities
  • Addressing manufacturing and regulatory issues that may hamper the development of an HIV cure
  • Seeking and encouraging the development of initiatives to increase financial support from industry partners for HIV cure research and development

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Case studies of how membership could work for you:

Case study 1: Convenings (IAS 2021 example)

The Cure group hosted a satellite at IAS 2021, titled “IAS Industry Cure Collaboration Group: Linking community to strategy”. Members presented on cure strategies – where are we and what’s in the pipeline – and identified how to engage communities in the next phases of HIV cure clinical studies.

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Meet the Cure group members

Steering Group


  • Alan Landay, Rush University Medical Center, USA
  • Jan van Lunzen, ViiV Healthcare, United Kingdom

Industry members

  • Romas Geleziunas, Gilead Sciences, USA
  • Devi SenGupta, Gilead Sciences, USA
  • Bonnie Howell, Merck/MSD, USA

Academic members

  • Sarah Fidler, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
  • Timothy Henrich, UCSF, USA
  • Thumbi Ndung'u, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Civil Society members

  • Maureen Murenga, Global Fund Advocates Network, Kenya
  • Aaron Sunday, Global Fund Advocates Network, Kenya
  • Richard Jefferys, Treatment Action Group, USA

Ex Officio Past Co-chair

  • Deborah Persaud, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
  • Carey Hwang, Vir Biotechnology, USA

Ex Officio IAS President-Elect

Sharon Lewin, Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia

Ex Officio Senior Project Manager

Rosanne Lamplough, IAS, Switzerland

Ex Officio Project Manager

Nelli Barrière, IAS, Switzerland