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A person wearing a mask receives a shot in their arm

Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Industry Partnership

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Industry Partnership is establishing a forum to bring about the full contribution of the biomedical industry to address the complexities of HIV vaccine R&D. Its goal is to reignite the interest of the biomedical industry, funders and academics in the search for an HIV vaccine by regaining the pharmaceutical industry’s confidence in what is now a publicly led effort.

In a changing HIV prevention landscape, the Vaccine group can provide the foundation and environment for change and increase the chances of developing and rolling out a safe and globally effective HIV vaccine. The group will focus on:

  • Increasing the visibility of academic vaccine R&D to the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Bringing together businesses working in all areas of vaccine discovery, development, manufacturing and distribution
  • Providing a neutral space for interactions between industry and academia
  • Facilitating interactions with normative agencies and global implementers
  • Improving stakeholders' understanding of barriers to product development
  • Encouraging and facilitating sharing of information and expertise
  • Engaging with low-and middle-income countries to support forming international partnerships and facilitate product development and local testing in the interest of their citizens
  • Supporting exchange programmes between academia and industry
  • Supporting end-to-end good practice for product development

Interested in joining? Please contact